Micro-Controller Based Systems

Over the years we have undertaken various Micro-controller based projects for various industries, premium institutes, research institutes across India and the globe with a success rate of 100%.

Our expertise is in Microchip PIC series, LPC (ARM) series, Texas Instruments MSP series and Arduino



project name : Relay Testing unit

client name : Chheda Electrical and Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

The client manufactures starter relays for companies like Honda, Suzuki, Hero, Bajaj and TVS. There are various tests to be carried out on a relay before dispatch such as Pull-In voltage, Drop-out voltage, coil resistance, and contact resistance.

This ARM based system can test a single relay in less than 2.5 seconds as to their previous systems which required 6-7 secs. System has been proved for excellent accuracy and repeatability.

project name : X-Ray Slit

client name : Classified

This Mirco-controller and SCADA based system was developed for our client’s R&D needs. This was one of a kind, state of the art equipment exclusively developed for our client.

​Not only it had SCADA and Micro-controller components but also power electronics and stepper motor drives for control elements.

project name : Customized Stepper Motor Drivers

client name : Classified

The stepper motor drivers we exclusively developed for client’s high-tech valve control element with accuracy in micron, PID control, currents up to 4.2A/phase and distances over 1 km.

project name : Suppressor Cap Testbench

client name : Chheda Electronics and Electrical Pvt. Ltd.

The client manufactures two wheeler suppressor cap for companies like Honda, Suzuki, Hero, Bajaj and TVS. There are various tests to be carried out on the cap before dispatch such as resistance and pull force with punching facility.

There was no previous existing test system and all tests were carried out manually which took about 10-12 seconds cycle time plus added human error. The system brought cycle time down to 6 seconds thereby eliminating the human error.

project name : Sputter Ion

client name : classified

This system uses highly accurate instruments from Kiethley and Arm processors to meet the extreme high accuracy levels required for an experiment undertaken at a very premium research institute in India.

Raspberry-Pi Based Systems


project name : Andon System

client name : Classified

A Raspberry-Pi Andon system connected to various noise chambers on the assembly line. This system is so scalable that it can be connected to any shop floor. It can be connected to an existing LabVIEW system also. System uses Wi-Fi network to communicate with the server where all data is stored. The same is displayed in the MD and production manager cabin.

project name : Inverter Data Logging system

client name : Classified

A Raspberry-Pi and Arduino based system collected data from an inverter and sends it to a remote data logging system through cloud and/or GPRS.

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